Step into the SpiderNet realm, where epic PVE quests, daunting dungeons, and fierce battles await only the bravest of heroes!

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Play Progressive content

Spidernet is a progressive server from: Patch 3.0: Echoes of Doom

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Cross-faction enabled for: Mailbox, Auction House, Party, Raid, Dungeon Finder, Battlegrounds, Arena and Global channel.

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Auto-learned Spells

"Recognizing the challenge of spell learning on servers with accelerated leveling, Spidernet has innovated to enhance the player experience. Typically, faster leveling can result in a shortage of gold, and even when players have sufficient funds for new abilities, the process often interrupts their leveling journey, requiring long travels to locate a class trainer. To streamline this, we've transformed the spell learning process: it's now free and automatic. As you level up, your character will automatically acquire all spells available for your class at that level. This means no more detours from your current activities and no skipping spells due to cost constraints.?